Sunday 25th February, 2001
- Fight rehearsals -

by Henry Burrows

A couple of the sequences in the movie call for Fluffy to fight against various vampires.  In the opening scene she fights off two very scary beasts, and then later on, with Ash and Alex watching, she comes up against the evil Count Von Whedon.  Unlike most of the other scenes in the movie, we decided these ones should probably be rehearsed beforehand!

Louise (Fluffy), Rebecca (Fluffy stunt-double), Mark Flitter (vampire and Count stunt-double) and myself got together at Mark's house to go over the more complicated fight sequences, so we'd know what to expect when we came to film them, and to check if they worked as planned.  It was especially useful for Louise, as she'd not done anything like this before, and although she'd have a double, she'd also have to look convincing for the shots where the camera was pointing at her.

Rebecca was very handy to have on board, as she knew a lot about stage combat and came up with lots of useful ideas.  Mark also proved to be a great stunt-double, throwing himself around the garden like a complete madman.

Fluffy vs 2 vampires The Count grabs Fluffy's foot
The Count goes flying Fluffy punches the Count