Saturday 17th February, 2001
- A cemetery in Bristol -

by Henry Burrows

Our first day of filming was just to grab a few shots of Fluffy and Alex walking through a cemetery, towards the lair of the infamous Count Von Whedon.  Fortunately, one of our crew, Sarah, lived right next to a very nice cemetery in Bristol, so we headed over there for the afternoon.  We spent a couple of hours filming various angles of the two of them walking amongst the gravestones - including some generic shots which could be used in the opening credits sequence.  Most amusing bit of the day was a shot where Louise had to run away from the camera, but she didn't hear us shouting "cut" and disappeared over the horizon...

We were hoping for an impressive sunset in the background but it never really happened, so instead we're going to attempt to replace the sky with a computer-generated one!  It may work, or it may not - time will tell.

When it came time to leave the cemetery, we had to escape by climbing over a wall, as the place had been locked up earlier.  All part of the fun of making a movie!  But the really strange stuff happened on the way home, when my car lost all electrical power as we were driving along the M4.  The RAC turned up and got us started, and then when the man from the AA (finally) arrived, he could find nothing wrong with the car... weird!  I hope we didn't step on any graves we shouldn't have...