Dave Corrie

Where are you from?

I was born in Reading, but grew up in the village of Sutton Benger in Wiltshire.

Why did you volunteer to help out on catering? Do you have much catering experience?

I didn't volunteer. The Head Chef blackmailed me into it.

How did you get involved in Fluffy?

I was involved in Fluffy?

Is this your first film, or have you been involved in other films?

I've been involved in a couple of other Foiled Productions: 'The Jedi Who Loved Me' and a spoof of the Budweiser 'True' adverts.

Are you a Buffy fan?

Absolutely most definitely not.

What have you gained from your involvement in Fluffy?

A full stomach.

Do you have any claims to fame? (E.g. meeting famous people, appearances on TV / stage etc.)

Erm, I've seen Frank Williams when I was in the F1 paddock at Silverstone and saw Patrick Moore (complete with monocle) in one of my University's 'restaurants' a few years back.

Any hobbies / obsessions? (Things you enjoy doing)

I'm an avid fan of F1 and enjoy watching films. I guess that makes me obsessed with the sofa...

Any amusing acting / catering cockups (faux pas) - things going wrong on stage etc.?

One location had a huge gas oven/hob (which must have weighed several tons) and because we were catering for about 20 people or so, having something this big was great. At least, it was great until we dropped the instructions on how to light the thing down the back.

This was no normal gas oven believe me. There were at least three gas stop-cocks and it had a hidden pilot light (which also failed to ignite the main burners). How we avoided blowing up the kitchen I'm not sure...

Any bizarre talents?

I'm pretty good at untangling abused Newton's Cradles...

Any amusing / mad stories about things you've done, or have happened to you?

A colleague and I danced to a Jazz Band on the stage at the Farnham Beerfest 2000. Several hundred people were most impressed, I believe. After debating how we were going to get past the bouncers stationed at each end of the stage, success was attained as follows:

Me: I'd just like to get on the stage, mate.
Bouncer: Yeah, no problem.

At which point said Bouncer moves aside to let us past. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Any achievements you'd like to mention?

Yes! I have a 10m swimming badge from the Amateur Swimming Association.

Any annoying habits? Are there any things that you say a lot?

Not that I'm aware of. I'll let Julien tell you otherwise.

Favourite films?

Favourite films, hmmm, that's a tough one, so I'll avoid it by telling you about what I've seen recently instead! Memento was fantastic, but thoroughly confusing. I think I need to watch it a few more times before I understand. The most recent film I saw was The Goonies! An all time classic, you have to agree :+)

Favourite director(s) + actor(s) + actress(es)?

Everyone that's ever demanded a "phased plasma rifle in a 40-watt range".

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

Oooh, that's a secret!

What's your favourite fluffy thing?

I am devoid of fluffy things. If you can help rectify this, drop me a line.